Are Cleaners in Oklahoma City Required to Wear Shoe Covers Onsite?

We consulted an expert in house cleaning, Angela Brown, to learn more about the use of shoe covers and sneakers with shock absorber and arch support. She informed us that there are disposable and reusable shoe covers available, with snap closure for quick cleaning. These covers come with anti-slip and weatherproof features, allowing you to move from the car to the customer's house with ease. My Cleaning Connection, HouseCleaning360, Savvy Perks, and Savvy Cleaner Training are some of the sponsors that provide sneakers designed for cleaning and matching shoe covers.

Shoe covers are not only used in the medical profession, but also by house painters, HVAC repairers, and pest control workers who have to enter and exit your home. These small boot covers have an elastic at the top that slips right over the shoe. On the bottom is an anti-slip band to prevent slipping on wooden floors and ceramic tiles. When you get out of the shower, it is important to take off your shoe covers as they can get wet with detergent or soap and get stuck in the customer's rugs. To avoid this, place two white cloths on the shower floor and stand on them with only your sneakers on.

Put the shoe covers back on to finish the rest of the bath. When taking off the shoe covers, turn them upside down as they can be covered with pet hair. This will trap the pet's hair inside the shoe cover and it will be ready to be thrown away. When leaving a property, take off the sleeves and gloves from your shoes and leave them in the garbage for the day. Unfortunately, many contracting companies don't ask their technicians to use shoe covers in the homes they work in. Even many cleaning companies don't use shoe covers when cleaning a home.

Keeping this in mind can help when talking to a contractor about this issue.