What are the disadvantages of living in oklahoma?

Cons of living in Oklahoma The climate. Summers are terribly hot and humid. Oklahoma is without a doubt one of the best states with a low cost of living. Which, in turn, lowers the average cost of living in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma ranks 28th in terms of population density and 20th in terms of land mass. What this means is that there is still enough space for new settlers, although the population of the Sooner State has been growing steadily over the past few years. The state is nicknamed “Sooner” because many people landed here before the official start of the land fever to seize the best land. There are a lot more fun facts and curiosities, which we'll discuss here, in addition to the pros and cons of moving to Oklahoma.

For one thing, while everyone enjoys the lack of traffic here, not having major cities can be a big disadvantage if you love living in large, sprawling cities.

Oklahoma City

also offers decent public transportation close to the city center, and if you live close enough to the center, you can get around by bus quite efficiently and you may not have to rely on alternative modes of transportation. Whether you want to live in cities like Tulsa or Oklahoma or if you want to build a small cabin or large ranch anywhere in the vast empty space, you have plenty of options. In the end, it's up to you to carefully evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of living in Oklahoma City to make the best possible decision in this regard.